Exemption 38 (Low complexity duties)

Exemption 38 is for limited maritime operations that undertake low complexity duties – AMSA approved.

Exemption 38 Advisory notice to 2018 DCV-A-008

For groups – offered by arrangement or advise of your expression of interest 

October       29 & 30
December   10 & 11


January 19 & 20

May 17 & 18

Course fee  $ 410.00

Note: Whitsunday Maritime Training Centre requires participants to hold a Recreational Boating Licence or have some boating experience prior to enrolling in the Exemption 38 course.

AMSA requirements:
Be at least 16 years of age when the exemption is obtained
If carrying passengers hold a current first aid certificate
If operating radio equipment on board a vessel, hold at least a Marine Radio Operators VHF Certificate of Proficiency
Meet the same medical and eyesight requirements in Chapter 4 (Medical and eyesight requirements) of Part D of the NSCV that apply for a Coxswain Grade 2 Near Coastal certificate of competency, except for Division 4.4 Eyesight (colour- vision)
Successfully complete an AMSA approved Exemption 38 course

This qualification is suitable for certified crew operating within the following restrictions
1. Operate during daylight hours 2. Command a vessel <12m long and operate propulsion power for an inboard engine<100Kw outboard engine<250kW

3. Carry passengers only in the following places and areas:
marina operations and a mooring area in sight of the marina;
inland waters
any waters in a tender or auxiliary that are within 1nm from a parent vessel and in sight of and in communications with the parent vessel;
any other waters approved by the National Regulator

4. Without carrying passengers only in the following places or areas:
places and kinds of water in Point 3 above;
smooth waters, including inland waters;
any waters within 1nm from each point of departure and within 1nm of the coast
any waters of an aquaculture lease approved by State or Territory authority, and any approved waters used for the daily transit to and from the aquaculture lease for operation under this exemption;
any waters within 250 metres of a structure fixed to the shore
sheltered waters within 2nm from the coast.

5. Tow persons only in the following area and situation:
any waters that are waterski areas approved by a State or Territory authority, with or without passengers; and
the vessel has propulsion power, for an inboard and outboard engine,<500kW

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