Queensland Personal Water Craft (Jetski) Licence

COVID ADVICE Refer to current public health and social measures and face mask requirements across Queensland
Please be aware that as the practical assessment venue is at the Whitsunday Sailing Club. We come under the Restrictions for unvaccinated people, the current advice is from December 17 2021. The applicable directive from Qld Health is unvaccinated people will be unable to: attend hospitality venues such as hotels, pubs, clubs, taverns, bars, restaurants or cafes).

Course assessment dates 2022
15, 22            January

5, 19              February
5, 19              March
2,  9, 23          April
7, 21               May
4, 18              June
2,16,30          July
13, 27            August
10,17, 24       September
8, 22              October
5, 19              November
3, 17              December

Approx. 2.5 hours,

Classroom theory review and practical session on the water

Course fee; $280.00 (2022)
Please enrol and pay online for the PWC via the link above.

Pre requisite
As a pre requisite to gaining your PWC licence you must first have completed your Queensland Recreational  Marine Driver Licence.

Online Theory
To access the course please follow the below link to book, pay and complete the compulsory theory component of the course: WMTC QRMDL and PWC Licence Booking Form

This method of training allows you to complete the boat and JetSki licence theory component of the course in your own time on the internet, leaving only a multiple choice assessment and practical component on a course date

Online Bookings via https://www.olsaust.com.au/purchasecourse/16649

Once you complete the theory component you can then call us on 07 4946 6710 to book your place for the Theory Test along with Practical Training and Assessment on the water.

Entry requirements
Minimum age 16 years

Recreational Boat Licence

What to bring
Sun-smart clothing

Change of clothing
Shoes that can get wet

Queensland PWC Licence

Issued by the Queensland Department of Transport upon payment of a fee of $116.85
This qualification allows you to operate a Personal Water Craft (Jetski) in Queensland

What a personal watercraft licence BoatSafe course offers
This course covers theory and practical elements including the following units:
equipment and preparing a personal watercraft (PWC) for operation
legislative requirements
manoeuvring a personal watercraft.

A typical PWC course will include:
online or face to face theory training
multiple choice theory assessment (45 minutes to complete)—100% pass mark
practical training driving the PWC (until you are competent in all tasks)
practical assessment – you must successfully complete all tasks to be deemed competent.

As we do with the boat training, we encourage you to practice riding a PWC with another licenced skipper or with a BoatSafe Trainer—you may not be competent in riding a PWC in just a few hours.

Some of the activities you should practice for both the PWC and Boat are:
man overboard drill
safely approach a floating object
port and starboard turn on and off the plane
figure 8 manoeuvre on and off the plane
berthing and unberthing
general navigation and control of the ship/PWC
operate at 6 knots or less.

Maritime Safety Queensland  Boat licence information – USEFUL LINKS 

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