New 2017 AMSA approved task books officially came into circulation on 1 January. There are a few changes from the 2014 task books, which can be read in the Guidance Notice – AMSA727 Task Books.

The 2014 task books may continue to be used in the same manner as previously, and there is no expiry date.

The 2017 task book rules for issue, use and completion are contained in the front of the task book.

To qualify for a reduction in the amount of sea service that is required a task book must be completed in accordance with the rules given in the front of the particular task book.

  • AMSA 2014 task books must be signed off by a RTO as 100% complete before the seafarer completes the certificate or diploma course of study if the seafarer wishes to qualify for the sea service reduction.
  • AMSA 2017 task books must be signed off by a representative of a RTO, or the final assessor, to verify that the task book has been completed to the extent possible given the equipment, cargo or voyage pattern of the seafarer’s vessel(s). A minimum of 80% of all tasks in the task book must be completed. Task book sign off can occur at any time during the certification process.

All tasks must be completed in a single book. It is not acceptable to have some tasks signed off in a 2014 task book and some in a 2017 task book.

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