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MAR20321 Certificate II in Maritime Operations

Applicants are encouraged to discuss their maritime career path with our friendly staff prior to their enrolment to determine qualification suitability.


The course is based on the National Maritime Training Package. There are a range of requirements set down by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority before issue of a licence will be given.

Course competencies

MARI003 Comply with the safe operation of a vessel up to 12m MARH013 Plan and navigate a passage for a vessel up to 12m MARJ006 Follow environmental work practices MARK007 Handle a vessel up to 12m MARN008 Apply seamanship skills aboard a vessel up to 12m MARB027 Perform basic servicing and maintenance of main propulsion unit and auxiliary systems MARC037 Operate inboard and outboard motors MARC038 Operate main propulsion unit and auxiliary systems

Refer  guidance-notice-for-coxswain-grade-1-near-coastal-nc

Other core competencies you will need to complete:

Shipboard Safety Skill Set

HLTAID011 Provide First Aid

Course dates

Our latest course calendar is here

Course fees

$2,580.00  Full fee (excluding Shipboard Safety Skill Set, Provide First Aid – refer to links above for costs)

Course fee with Certificate 3 Guarantee Subsidy 

Certificate 3 Guarantee provides a government subsidy to allow eligible Queenslanders to obtain their first post-school certificate III qualification.

$1656.00  non concession (including Shipboard Safety Skill Set $265.00 and Provide First Aid $62)

$  940.00  with concession (including Shipboard Safety Skill Set $152.50 and Provide First Aid $27)

Course fee with User Choise Subsidy

User Choice provides public funding for the delivery of accredited, entry level training to apprentices and trainees.

$1,656.00 – non concession (including Shipboard Safety Skill Set $265 and Provide First Aid $27)

Other fees

$  240.00 AMSA Mandated Practical Assessment

$    50.00  Interim Certificate of Competency (if applicable)

$    25.00  Task Book (if applicable)

$  240.00  Long Range Radio Certificate of Proficiency (AMSA requirement for Coxswain Licence)


Once an applicant decides to enrol they will be asked to complete a Student Enrolment form and submit together with a copy of photo ID.

Pay the enrolment fee by direct deposit or credit card over the phone (we will issue an invoice and receipt).

The enrolment form includes an option to identify any learner support needs and  to disclose any disability, impairment or long term medical condition which may affect studies.

Once enrolled applicants are asked to complete a Maritime Summary of Experience which includes the Learning Language and Literacy test.

Enrol any time to prepare for the theory and practical assessments, with the enrolment period of up to 12 months to achieve your qualification. 



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