MAR30921 Master up to <24 metres Near Coastal

MAR Qualifications, applicants are encouraged to discuss their maritime career path with staff prior to their enrolment to determine qualification suitability.

The course is based on the National Maritime Training Package. There are a range of requirements set down by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority before issue of a licence will be given. For all up to date information visit (AMSA Form 426)

Master<24m Guidance Notice  This course is based on the National Maritime Training Package (MAR). There are a range of requirements set down by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) before issue of a licence will be given. Master 24 Guidance Notice seafarer-certification-guidance_master-24m-nc

Once an applicant decides to enrol they will be asked to complete a Student Enrolment form and send together with a copy of  photo ID.
Pay the enrolment fee by direct deposit or credit card over the phone (we will issue an invoice and receipt).The enrolment form includes  an option to identify any learner support needs and  to disclose any  disability, impairment or long term medical condition which may affect studies. Once enrolled applicants are asked to complete a Maritime Summary of Experience which includes the Learning Language and Literacy test.

Enrol any time to prepare for the theory and practical assessments
Enrolment period – up to 12 months to achieve your qualification. Complete your assignments or workbooks in your own time and send them in for marking, attend the theory and practical class (Monday to Friday) as advertised

Call us on (07) 49 466 710  or email

Entry requirements
Minimum age 16 years

2022 Course dates:

3 – 28 October

Course fee   $3,765.00

Certificate 3 The Queensland Government, Department of Employment Small Business and Training offers subsidised training and incentives to eligible individuals to complete their first post-school certificate III level qualification and increase their skills to move into employment, re-enter the workforce or advance their career.
Certificate 3 Guarantee eligibility requirements – c3G factsheet

Co-contribution fee for Certificate 3 subsidy                                 $2250.00 (excluding Shipboard Safety Skill Set and Provide First Aid)
Co-contribution fee for Certificate 3 concession                           $1837.50 (excluding Shipboard Safety Skill Set and Provide First Aid)

Traineeships -User Choice – for students
Through the User Choice program the government contributes towards the cost of training for eligible Queensland apprentices and trainees.
Instead of paying for the full cost of training, apprentices or trainees and their employers will pay a reduced amount.
The program provides the flexibility for apprentices, trainees and their employers to select a government-approved registered training organisation (RTO or training provider) to provide the training.
To be eligible to receive subsidised training under the User Choice program you must:
be employed in an approved apprenticeship or traineeship
have entered a training contract for a qualification funded by the government
have selected a government-approved training provider.
Co-contribution fee for User choice subsidy
$2250  (excluding Shipboard Safety Skill Set and Provide First Aid) 

Other fees
AMSA Mandated Practical Assessment
Interim Certificate of Competency
$  50.00
Task Book (if applicable)
$  25.00
AMSA application for new certificate of competency – near coastal (AMSA licence fee)
Long Range Radio Certificate of Proficiency
$240 including Radio Licence

Qualification – MAR30918 Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Master up to 24 metres Near Coastal)
Units include:
MARB029      Perform routine maintenance on a vessel up to 24 metres

MARB030      Slip or dock a vessel and maintain hull on a vessel up to 80 metres
MARH015      Manage and maintain a navigational watch on board vessels up to 80 metres
MARH016      Plan and navigate a passage for a vessel up to 80 metres
MARH017      Use wheelhouse equipment for safe navigation
MARI004       Observe regulations to ensure safe operations of a vessel up to 80 metres
MARJ007       Monitor environmental management on a vessel
MARK008      Manoeuvre a vessel up to 24 metres within near coastal waters
MARN009      Perform seamanship operations on board a vessel up to 24 metres
BSBFLM303  Contribute to effective workplace relationships

Other units required for completion:
MARSS00008  Shipboard Safety Skill Set

MARF027 Apply basic survival skills in the event of vessel abandonment
MARF028  Follow procedures to minimise and fight fires on board a vessel
MARF029  Meet work health and safety requirements
MARF030  Survive at sea using survival craft

HLTAID011  Provide first aid
MARC043 Transmit and receive information by marine radio
(Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency)

Refer to AMSA website Marine Order 505, Crew Competencies

Master <24 m NC (a) command a commercial vessel <24 m long in the EEZ
(b) act as Chief Mate or deck watchkeeper on a vessel <35 m long in the
(c) act:
(i) as a coxswain if he or she holds a Marine Engine Driver Grade 1 to
3 or Engineer Class 3 certificate; or
(ii) in any other deck capacity
Note A coxswain must have training in engineering while a Master <24 m
NC does not.
Restricted to:
(d) if the holder does not meet the sea service requirement mentioned in
paragraph 1.8(3)(a) of Schedule 1 — command of a vessel only in
sheltered waters

What to bring
Photo ID

Pen and notepad
Parallel ruler, Divider, 2B pencil
Appropriate clothing for site visits and workshops

There is a range of accommodation offered in Airlie Beach including self contained cabins at Kipara Tropical Rainforest Retreat  4946 6483< Magnums Accommodation 49641199 XBase 49482000, Backpackers by the Bay 49467267

For more information please contact Whitsunday Maritime Training Centre on (07) 4946 6710.

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